Clamor en Humillacion a Dios


Clamor en Humillacion a Dios




Pastor aguilez Rodríguez Periodista Ramón Santana Periodista Kenia Nova

Hermano Jorge Ramírez Administrador de Ministerio TV

Pastores de Pueblos en la Republica Dominicana

Misionera Ingrind Sanche

Neftali Dones WebMaster Coordinador de Studio Bethesda

Pastores Jose Luis y Elisbeth de Davila

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  • Jim Caviezel dice que fue llamado a llevar a Cristo a Hollywood - Noticias Cristianas Actuales El actor pretende compartir las enseñanzas bíblicas en Hollywood con todos los que tiene contacto. La entrada Jim Caviezel dice que fue llamado a llevar a Cristo a Hollywood aparece primero en Noticias Cristianas Evangélicas.
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  • Bible Translated Into 49 Languages in 2017
    In 2017, United Bible Societies (UBS) (@ubsbible) assisted in translating the Bible or Scripture portions into 49 languages spoken by more than 580 million people, as reported in UBS’ Global Scripture Access Report 2017 Annual Progress. [Read the Bible in more than 70 languages on Bible Gateway] First Translations: According to the UBS report, 2017 […]
    Jonathan Petersen
  • What Does It Mean to Be A Friend of Sinners: An Interview with Rich Wilkerson Jr.
    What does it mean when the Bible describes Jesus as the friend of sinners? And what are the implications of that for those who follow Jesus? Bible Gateway interviewed Rich Wilkerson Jr. (@richwilkersonjr) about his book, Friend of Sinners: Why Jesus Cares More About Relationship Than Perfection (Thomas Nelson, 2018). What were the implications to […]
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  • Do Book Reviews Matter? Yes—to Most of Us.
    Customer reviews. Whether we’re searching for a new cell phone or a good book to read on vacation, we all read the reviews before we buy. And in the case of Michael S. Heiser’s newest book, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms, the comments are pretty tough to ignore. One reviewer wrote, […]
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