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Pastor aguilez Rodríguez Periodista Ramón Santana Periodista Kenia Nova

Hermano Jorge Ramírez Administrador de Ministerio TV

Pastores de Pueblos en la Republica Dominicana

Misionera Ingrind Sanche

Neftali Dones WebMaster Coordinador de Studio Bethesda

Pastores Jose Luis y Elisbeth de Davila

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  • Más de un 68% de los hombres cristianos accede a pornografía en EEUU - Noticias Cristianas Actuales Un ministerio se está dedicando a ayudar a los hombres a luchar contra el vicio de la pornografía, sobre todo entre los hombres cristianos. La entrada Más de un 68% de los hombres cristianos accede a pornografía en EEUU aparece primero en Noticias Cristianas Evangélicas.
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  • Open Translation Session to Mark 40th Publishing Anniversary of NIV Bible
    Biblica (@BiblicaMinistry), the copyright holder and global steward of the New International Version (NIV)—the world’s most popular modern English translation of the Bible—is marking the 40th anniversary of its first publishing with a unique “open book” glimpse at its creation and revision. [Sign up to receive the New International Version (NIV) free email Verse of […]
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  • The Meaning of the Kingdom of God: An Interview with Frank Viola
    Has the church lost the explosive, earthshaking gospel of the kingdom that Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles preached in the Bible? Does the allegiance that radical terrorists give to their cause exceed the allegiance many Christians today give to Jesus Christ? Have Christians lost the dynamic, titanic, living gospel and exchanged it for a […]
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  • The Secret to Saving on New Books and Commentaries in Logos
    Want to learn the secret of how to save more on the books you love? Here it is: sign up to receive emails about new Christian books in our three discount programs. When you discover what’s available through Pre-Order, Pre-Pub, and Community Pricing, you’re on your way to saving big as you stock your library. […]
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